The Triple Cello drums, designed by Mannette to primarily arpeggiate, emulate the sound of a stringed cello. The distinct sonority of this instrument, tuned brighter than the Triple Guitar, it is perfect for low register melodies and counter melodies as well as complementing the Triple Guitar strumming voice. Although the Triple Guitar and the Triple Cello have the same note pattern, the Triple Cello has more sustain and depth of tone due to its long skirt and bright tone. Instrument range is B2-C#5

PAINTED:  $2,700.00

Low C Spiderweb Lead

The MMI Six Bass is the strongest and the fullest sound of and Six Bass available. Ellie Mannette's Basses are renowned for their haunting tones and are unparalleled in quality. This instrument has been developed by Mannette into one of the most dynamic instruments in the world.

Instrument range is Bb1-Eb3

PAINTED:  $3,300.00

Invader Lead "LOW LEAD"

Classical Series instruments

Based on Ellie Mannette's original design, the Invader, or Low lead, is well known for its playability and is used by the world's foremost professional lead players such as Andy Narell, Len "Boogsie" Sharpe, Ray Holman, Robert Greenidge, and Tom Miller. The sonority of the Invader Lead is unique in its purity of tone and functions as an excellent solo instrument. Instrument range is C4-F6

PAINTED:   $2,400.00

CHROME:  $2,900.00

Features Automotive Base / Clear Coat in Black.  (Custom colors are available) or a standard chrome finish

Cello, Tenor Bass and 6Bass are auto body paint finish only


Created by Bertie Marshall, the Double Tenor is  unique in its tonal quality.  This instrument is tuned with a brighter tone than the Double Second and is an essential voice in the steel orchestra. The Double Tenor reinforces the melodic lines often in a lower register than the lead voice. With a strong, cutting tone, it also complements the harmonies and rhythms of the Double Second. 

Instrument range is F3-D6

PAINTED:   $2,550.00

CHROME:  $3,550.00

Also designed by Mannette, the Tenor Bass is pitched a fifth higher than the Six Bass. It is used to emphasize the Bass voice with a strong attack. The Tenor Bass fills the middle/low registers with strength and punctuality. Instrument range is F1-C4

PAINTED:  $2,900.00

The most versatile instrument in the steel band family, the Double Second is an excellent solo or ensemble instrument. Based on Ellie Mannette's original whole-tone design, this pattern is played by nearly every professional. With its warm, dark tonal quality, this instrument is used to "comp" chords, carry the melody or solo.  The Double Second is the most prolific and elegant instrument in the steel band family.  Instrument range is E3-Eb6

PAINTED:   $2,550.00

CHROME:  $3,600.00

Based on the standard diminished-chord pattern designed by Mannette, the Triple Guitar is the primary strumming instrument of the steel orchestra. Tuned darker in tone than the Triple Cello, the Triple Guitar carries a somber and haunting tonal quality. With its punchy character, the Triple Guitar serves the same purpose as a rhythm guitar to fill out the middle register.

Instrument range is B2-C#5

PAINTED:  $2,650.00

CHROME: $4,100.00

The Spiderweb (or Circle of Fifths) Lead, designed by Tony Williams, is one of the melody instruments in the steel drum ensemble. This instrument ranges from C4-G6 and is an excellent tool for music educators because its note pattern is based on the circle of fifths.

PAINTED:   $2,300.00

CHROME:  $2,800.00